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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eyelash Extensions-- Worth the Money?

Are Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions Worth the Expense?

Ever notice what seems to be extra-long eyelashes on celebrities gracing the red carpet?

Long, lovely eyelashes are hot, but are they really worth the money?

The types of extensions available fall into four varieties: synthetic, human hair, silk and mink. Synthetic extensions are most common and therefore most affordable, but the process of applying them can be tiresome. The stylist has to glue each extension on individually, which can take upwards of three hours. On the positive side, they don't weigh much, so you won't feel them and you won't need to wear mascara. (If you do opt for mascara, check with your stylist-- some brands can harm extensions.) You can swim, shower, workout and sleep while never having to worry.

Prices for application range from $150-$500 for the first session. Keep in mind, extensions will only last as long as your natural lashes do-- normal fallout is between 4-6 weeks. And the quality of the adhesive used is a huge variable. Inexpensive glue might only last two weeks, then you're looking at having another $100-$200 session.

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