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Friday, June 15, 2012

Paul McKenna: I Can Make You Thin

Okay ladies, this gentleman was on Dr. Oz today; pretty interesting stuff! Once again, I applaude Dr. Oz for being a western-trained MD who is so open-minded.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

House Sitting

Have you ever thought about house sitting? Or thought about hiring a house sitter to stay in your place while you travel?

Several years ago I actually did a bit of house sitting. Considering the age I was at, it was a fun experience. An affluent couple I knew wanted someone to stay in their house while they traveled; take care of the pets, water the plants, etc.

Since I lived close to them, it was easy money. Add to that the fact that the house was amazing-- it was a no-brainer! Their place sat on the edge of a beautiful golf course, with a magnificent view and a full-sized swimming pool. I lived in a tiny apartment, so this place was paradise!

I was introduced to house sitting by an older lady who was widowed and her kids were long grown; she made extra money and was able to travel a bit by doing this. She enjoyed herself and was reliable, so it was great for those who hired her as well.

I've considered the possibility of once again becoming a house sitter; its my understanding that I could see the world this way, which is certainly intriguing!

If you've ever thought house sitting might be for you, check out Worldwide House Sitting Directory. This site brings together those who want to house sit with those who need sitters.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Acai Meal Replacement

I'm often asked what I eat, since I've been known to follow a rather strict regimen at times.

A typical breakfast or afternoon snack often includes this Acai Meal Replacement by Ultra Laboratories. It is my favorite protein powder; the whey protein combined with freeze-dried acai berries and natural vanilla flavoring blends up creamy and delicious.

My favorite smoothie might not sound appealing at first, but I challenge you to try it! I use frozen organic berries, water, the acai powder and... greens.

Yes, you read that right! I choose two different bundles each week when I grocery shop. Chard and spinach... Collards and red leaf lettuce... Romaine and kale...

I only by organic, and I make a bit of a game out of choosing. I make a point of trying different things, which sometimes works well, other times not so much!

But, it usually works out well. The beauty of blending greens with berries and protein powder is, you don't taste the greens. Its an easy way to get at least five serving of fruits and veggies into your day.

Be brave! Give it a try. Even if you find you can taste the greens and can't tolerate them, most leafy greens aren't expensive so its not a big gamble. And you might be pleasantly surprised. (Make sure to wash all produce thoroughly, including organic.)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cravings Killers

As Seen on Dr. Oz

This was covered on the Dr. Oz show over the summer.

Cravings Killers: Simple substances to control cravings and lose weight!

Green Tea Extract

Pine Nut Oil

Wheat Bran Extract or Psyllium Husks

Red Wine Vinegar

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pacifica Perfume

While perusing the isles at Whole Foods recently, I came across a new find. Roll-on perfumes by Pacifica, a company I had previously thought of only as making candles.

I have to admit, I've worn the same perfume for years and I still love it. But every now and then a girl needs to shake it up! I found these scents delightful, and since they are paraben-free (as well as being vegan) I think they are a good product to promote.

I particularly like the French Lilac, but the others are nice, too. One warning-- they are strong! I used too much and was very aware of it! I actually had to go to the restroom and rinse my wrists off. So, a little goes a long way!